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Vegan Milk Neutral Silk Conditioner


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Vegan Milk Neutral Silk Conditioner

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10.1 Oz/ 33.8 Oz/ 169 Oz

DOWG Essentials Vegan Milk Neutral Silk Conditioner is a line for all types of coats with high performance, yield and care for the Pet. Provides intense hydration during all stages of the bath.

Similar to keratin amino acids, Quinoa amino acids penetrate the coat fiber, replacing lost protein mass and helping to reduce damage. It also contains Coconut Milk which softens and moisturizes the coat.

The Vegan Milk Neutral Silk Conditioner conditions the pet’s coat, untangling the knots and leaving the coat soft and smooth to the touch.

  • For all types of coats
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Intense hydration in all stages of the bath
  • Dilution 1:10
  • Contributes in fast coat drying


For Dogs and Cats 4 weeks or older.

How to use: Topical use. After bathing your Pet with the Vegan Milk Neutral Silk Shampoo and rinsing well, apply the Vegan Milk Neutral Silk Conditioner over the coat. Spread well and rinse. Dilute* one part of the conditioner to 10 parts of water (dilution 1:10) and spread over the coat. Let it soak for 5 minutes. Rinse well.

*The 169oz “Gallon” is equivalent to 1 and 1/3 gallon.

What Our Customers Says

March 20, 2023

best smelling conditioner i’ve used and it lasted me so long! i will definitely be purchasing again!

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