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Why Is My Dog Losing Hair? 6 Major Causes of Hair Loss In Dogs You Need To Know

Why Is My Dog Losing Hair 6 Major Causes of Hair Loss In Dogs You Need To Know

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Hair Loss In Dogs

Just like humans, dogs have many health problems, and one of the concerns of dog owners is dogs losing hair. A bushy, shiny coat is usually the sign of a healthy dog, but when your furry friend starts shedding excessively or developing rashes, it’s time to investigate the cause. There are many reasons that can result in dogs losing hair, from genetics to the environment. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the main reasons behind this furry mystery.

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Why Is My Dog Losing Hair

Following are some of the major causes of Hair loss in dogs.

  • Genetics

Genetics plays a vital role in determining a dog’s fur type, color, and texture. Some animals are genetically predisposed to certain types of dog hair loss, such as alopecia, which means partial or complete hair loss. Pets such as dachshunds, chihuahuas, and Chinese crested dogs are most prone to dog hair loss. Genetic factors can cause hair thinning and bald patches, which usually occur as dogs age. 

  • Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can develop allergies to many things in their environment if not given the best dog products. Allergies to pollen, dust mites, certain foods, and certain bedding materials can cause extreme itching and scratching. This constant irritation can cause dogs to lose hair as dogs scratch and bite the skin to relieve discomfort. The condition, called atopic dermatitis, causes skin inflammation and irritation that can lead to dog hair loss.

  • Parasites

External diseases such as fleas, ticks, and mites are not only annoying but can also cause hair loss in dogs. These bacteria feed on the dog’s blood and cause itching and scratching. Constant scratching can damage the skin, causing the dog to lose hair and the potential for infection. For the prevention of hair parasites, regular hygiene, preventive measures, and timely treatment are important for dog care.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Hormones play a significant role in maintaining the health of your dog’s fur. Hormonal imbalances such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease can cause your dog to lose hair. Hypothyroidism is caused by thyroid gland failure, which often causes thinning hair, especially on the body and tail. On the other hand, Cushing’s disease, which is caused by excessive cortisol production, can cause hair loss, among other symptoms such as thirst, increased appetite, and stomach bloating.

6 Major Causes of Hair Loss In Dogs

  • Infection and Skin disorders

Fungal and bacterial infections can damage a dog’s skin and coat and result in the dog losing hair. For example, ringworm is a fungal infection that causes hair loss in the surrounding area and spreads easily to other animals and humans. In addition, conditions such as seborrhea (excess oil) can cause shedding, inflammation, and then dog hair loss. Regular dog care is essential for the timely diagnosis and treatment of these diseases and conditions.

  • Stress and anxiety

It’s hard to believe that dogs can experience stress and anxiety, which can result in dogs losing hair. Compulsive behaviors such as excessive licking, chewing, or scratching due to separation anxiety or changes in the household can lead to patches of missing fur. Identifying the source of stress and providing appropriate interventions can help alleviate this type of dog losing hair.

Dog losing hair can be a distressing sight for pet owners, but understanding the underlying causes is crucial for effective treatment and prevention. Whether it’s genetic predisposition, allergies, parasites, hormonal imbalances, infections, or stress, each factor requires a tailored approach to maintain your furry friend’s coat health. Regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, proper grooming, and a comfortable environment all contribute to keeping your dog’s coat shiny, healthy, and intact.

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Hair Loss In Dogs


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This is the time to treat your dog’s hair with high-quality vegan best-dog shampoo products to avoid your dog losing hair. You can only do an excellent job of maintaining your dog’s happiness and health with the best dog grooming supplies. If you want to maintain your dog’s health and style, it is wise to stock your home with a few essential grooming items for your dog’s care. Groom your dogs with love!

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